Call rates and charges for Essential call plan

UK rates

Rates to UK numbers not included in your call plan or outside of your inclusive minutes.

A Call Set-Up charges are varied as per packages this is not included into you call plan.

UK rates
Unlimited landline (01,02,03) calls Included Included
UK mobiles call 3.5p/min Included or 2.5p/min
Cloudphony to Cloudphony included included
Call to voice mail included included
Receiving calls included included

International call rates and other charges are in detail of your plan

International Rates

Why to choose world call plans option?

You will get unlimited calls to landline and mobile to 34 countries

[flag='au'] Australia, [flag='be'] Belgium, [flag='bm'] Bermuda, [flag='br'] Brazil

[flag='ca'] Canada ,   [flag='cl'] Chili,         [flag='cn']China

[flag='gb'] Great Britain,      [flag='fr'] France,   [flag='de'] Germany


Included in call plan

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