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Our more services

International calling card solution

Planning to start international calling card business. we offer you end to end solution from card printing to client support.

  1. Designing and Printing pin access card
  2. Multi channel Access phone numbers (DID numbers)
  3. option of instant channel increase
  4. Variable call quality option to setup your own rate to the destination
  5. Bespoke IVR ( Interactive Voice recording) for identity of your company
  6. Setup your own calling card business.
  7. Complete business support
  8. You can start calling card business in any European and North American countries.

Call centre solution

Need to setup call centre we offer most competitive and cost effective solution for your existing or growing setup.

  1. No capital investment
  2. Selection of word wide local  number.
  3. Choice of dual channel or multichannel DID
  4. Unlimited in coming minutes
  5. Flexible packages for outgoing minutes and international minutes
  6. Customised IVR for incoming calls.
  7. Flexible contract
  8. No hardware necessary
  9. Easy to manage
  10. Free technical support
  11. Integration with the CRM system

More then call forwarding

In current business environment we all need to build a corporate ID, it looks odd and non professional to present your mobile numbers

our call forwarding solution can give you corporate business identity.

  1. Select geo or non geography phone number of your choice of city.
  2. Forward to your existing mobile of home phone number or single office number.
  3. Ideal solution for sole proprietors who wish to build corporate identity.
  4. No limit to forward number onto you phone.
  5. Can customised IVR before connecting to you existing number or numbers.