How it work

How cloud phone work for you

Cloud phony will provide you choice of local numbers or Mobile toll free numbers, tool free numbers for your business. Select a hand set from our range or use your old desk phone hand set cloud phony route, and manage your calls professionally. Add users, extensions, or more numbers as your business grow. Softphone application is available for on your smart phone and you can received call onto this phone while you are out of office or add additional connection on to your mobile just to avoid you given your mobile phone.


Best possible cutting edge cost effective solutions
1.Customer Call your company’s Tool free number or geo location number ( e.g London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff etc ).
2. Customise Interactive Voice recorder (IVR) give student number of choice to contact such as sales, customer service or technical support effectively work as switch board for you.
3. After selecting desired department customer will connected to that department.
4. or if business want to connect to their customer databased before connecting to customer service they can select additional services.

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