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Cloud solution for SME

  • Build your corporate identity.
  • Choice of non geographic number or Geographic number of your city
  • Customised (IVR) Interactive voice recording message when your customer contact you
  • Customised music or message while call onhold.
  • Hand set support up 5 lines
  • Single telecom solution for multi location offices
  • Itemised billing

Dedicated pbx

  • Dedicated pbx for your business best for Doctors ,accountant, Letting agent
  • Your business need  specific solution various numbers
  • Option to integrate with your database, so customer can identify them self before connecting to right department
  • Voice mail option enable your customer/client to drop voice mail which you can retrieve on email
  • Option of multiple telephone numbers from choice of your city such as London , Newyork , Berlin, Milan or choice from 79 countries.
  • Customised IVR (interactive voice recording) this mean you don’t need reception.

Cloud phone system

Modern business need true global voice presence, Cloud phone platform offer you no hardware global voice  solution.

  • Having feature of virtual phone system that include voice menu
  • Option to receive voice mail onto your designated email accounts
  • solution for multi location offices conferencing,
  • Call queuing system ,
  • Call time and caller routing enable to identify your caller numbers
  • Option to increase internal extensions,
  • Add extension onto your mobile don’t need.
  • Use your existing Voip handset, or landlines
  • dial tone access and more.
  • We have vast selection of local and toll-free numbers in over 78 countries. such as UK, USA, Germany, Egypt, China, Argentine etc
  • Call can receive on multiple devices, order options can setup.
  • Reliable cloud business phone  services

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