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Cloud solution for SME

  • Build your corporate identity.
  • Choice of non geographic number or Geographic number of your city
  • Customised (IVR) Interactive voice recording message when your customer contact you
  • Customised music or message while call onhold.
  • Hand set support up 5 lines
  • Single telecom solution for multi location offices
  • Itemised billing

colloboration service


  • 102 countries interconnectivity
  • Option to integrate with your database, so customer can identify them self before connecting to right department
  • Setup time and invitation
  • Recording  for compliance purpose

Cloud phone system

Modern business need true global voice presence, Cloud phone platform offer you no hardware global voice  solution.

  • Having feature of virtual phone system that include voice menu
  • Option to receive voice mail onto your designated email accounts
  • solution for multi location offices conferencing,
  • Call queuing system ,
  • Call time and caller routing enable to identify your caller numbers
  • Option to increase internal extensions,
  • Add extension onto your mobile don’t need.
  • Use your existing Voip handset, or landlines
  • dial tone access and more.
  • We have vast selection of local and toll-free numbers in over 79 countries in all continents. such as UK, USA, Germany,  China,Argentine, Australia, new zealand  etc
  • Call can receive on multiple devices, order options can setup.
  • Reliable cloud business phone  services
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